About Us


Bhanu Movers And Packers is an emerging and successful Movers and Packers Company located in Bangalore. The company has a team of experienced and skilled people who have been working with the same industry for years. We function mainly for moving the household goods and helping in relocating within the same city or anywhere in India. We also specialize in the relocation of offices and transportation of your luxury cars and bikes with utmost safety. We endeavor to deliver the finest quality of work to stand strong in this industry. We do wish to globalize our work and services in the coming years.

We are constantly hiring effective and dynamic people to join the team and make this a grand success. We wish to be recognized across the globe for the best Moving & Packaging Services. Join us on this journey of making moving and packaging of homes and goods easy and fast-paced.


Our mission is to be able to get a global recognition with a great reputation for the packing and relocation services. We wish to expand globally and continue to get a fast and yet affordable way to give these services to our clients. Our mission is to provide people with our expert service of shifting/relocating/packing of their homes, offices wares houses, buildings. To be the best in the Logistics area. Doing fair business, following business ethics, being advanced with the latest technology used in this industry and building long term relationships with all our clients, customers and employees too.


When you are looking for the best and most professional movers & packers you need to have other aspects analysed and confirmed other than money & their services. We not only believe in building long-term relationships with customers but also our clients for whom we do the shifting & relocation. We believe it is important to achieve customer satisfaction to be able to grow in this area. We make every service beneficial to you and help you spend your money in the correct services. We help you save time and money and yet get your shifting done so that your new life can start soon.